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Top 4 Expensive Smartphones

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At the present time, everyone use phone for their personal and professional use and in this high tech world, Smartphone becomes a first choice of mobile users. As Smartphone is a symbol of user’s lifestyle, so keeping this crucial point in mind, mobile companies are launching luxury phones which has brilliant features as well as support to state-of-the-art technologies. But the rates of luxury phones are very high and people love to use it because it make their work more easy, so here are top 5 expensive Smartphone which has excellent specifications and loved by the users as well.

  • Blackberry Porsche Design P9981: As Porsche never makes phone, but it launched its phone P9881. The phone has BB7 operating system and it is also known as next generation Blackberry OS. The features and specification are brilliant and the cost of this phone is Rs.1, 39, 990.
  • HTC One A9: The design of this phone is very close to the design of iPhone 6 but this phone has ultimate features which are loved by the users. It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, AMOLED display, excellent fingerprint scanner. Camera also delivers brilliant service and much more. Its priced over Rs.39, 416.
  • LG G4: If user wants to buy some big phone then LG G4 will be an ideal match. It has all the features, overall it’s a complete package with all the specific features and specifications. It has brilliant camera performance, 5.5 inch display screen, great battery life, Quad HD screen, 3000 mAh battery. Phone is bigger as well as thicker. The value of this phone is approx Rs.41, 005.
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus: iPhone 6S Plus is updated of previous version of iPhone. It has an advantage of 3D touch display as well as it has more methods of interaction and having a faster touch ID experience and a phone is backed by faster hardware. iPhone 6S Plus is a perfect phone that users are looking for. It has 5.5 inch full HD display, exceptional camera that sports optical image stabilization along with the new 4K video capture as well as Live photos. The price of this phone is Rs.60, 578.

Final Say

These are the top 5 expensive phones which are launched by the renowned companies in the mobile market. Moreover, people love to buy these Smartphones because it meets with their requirement and needs as well as suits with their lifestyle status.

Mobile lovers always seek the best Smartphone that contains all the features and give high tech support and most importantly which has high level security features. Thus, these Smartphones has exceptional features with high tech security as well as the camera quality of all Smartphones are unbeatable. These phones are expensive but definitely meet with the users’ requirements.