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Tips on landing an engineering job right out of college

Landing a career right after college seems like something only those with extraordinary talent or foothold in an existing business can accomplish. If you’re like most of us “average” ones, you might be worrying if you can land a job after college – no one said it’s easy, but if you follow this guide, you’ll know that landing engineering jobs for new graduates has its own formula


You probably know that many countries are having a shortage of engineers. But that doesn’t mean placing a job in engineering is easy.

What this “shortage” really mean is that there aren’t enough engineering graduates with the exact mix of personal skills, technical ability, and practical experience in the required areas.

However, with the right combination of planning, research, and action, you will be able to convince employers of your aptitude. Believe me when I say that hundreds of companies are desperate to find the right people to help their business grow.

Here are a couple of tips to help you secure your engineering job.

Begin Early. As an inspiring future engineer, you have to be used to starting early. Use your university/college time effectively to build up your CV. Get good academic grades since most employers won’t look at anything below a 2.1. Carry out relevant work experience and take part in some extra-curricular activities.
Fran Shaw, an engineering placement manager at the RhodesfieldUniversity said that “you can never start too early.” If you follow this advice, applying for jobs will become faster and easier.

Build your experience. No, scoring high in CS GO isn’t included here, nor will it impress your future employers. Employers are desperate for new graduates with relatable practical experience.

One of the most important things that will boost your chances of getting a job in an engineering field is through work experience.

Many universities now include time for yearlong placements and these ventures often lead directly to permanent jobs – if you do well, that is. They could also assist you in your degree when you return to school the following year.

Aim high, but not keep your head leveled. Never rule yourself out for the top jobs nor miss less obvious career opportunities. Don’t be afraid to apply for the companies that you dream to work for.

Likewise, don’t let your degree hinder you from going to a specific job or firm that specializes in a different discipline – the basic principles of engineering are applicable anywhere.

Leverage your university stay.This isn’t a secret, but some lecturers may be able to let you in about interesting job prospects. Your university isn’t there to serve only as a three-way learning prison, it’s also a hotbed of opportunities.

Your lecturers may be able to give you some tips on diverse companies and relate their personal experiences working for them – which can work for you as well if you’re listening carefully.

Final Words

Now that you know some vital tips for landing that dream engineering job, it’s time to put it into practice. Engineering jobs for new graduates are available anywhere if you know where to look.

Keep at it and never give up – not until you get rewarded with your first job. Best of luck!