in Technology - 18 Feb, 2016
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Pros and cons of CNC machining

In one of the simplest definitions, CNC machining is the use of computer numerical code in order to program machines to complete manufacturing tasks. By using this code, these are able to increase their accuracy and speed, greatly improving on the productivity over their manual counterparts. The programmable elements of computer numerical code machining are instrumental to its design, allowing the use of computer applications and programs to assist in the creation of products. Through the use of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, the emphasis has shifted from the workers who would operate machines manually to those who design instructions for the machines. By using CAD and CDM applications there are more options to create detailed and complicated designs, with a reduced chance of flaws or deficiencies with the end product. These software programs allow the digital design of a product to then be converted into code to be physically replicated. Once a product has been created for the first time, computer numerical code machining makes it is easy to replicate this work to easily produce an identical piece. Previously, recreating a part could take a similar amount of times as the original, as it would require manual work to cut create and manufacture. This has allowed the CNC manufacturing companies to keep quality levels high, while producing a much vaster quality of a product. There is a variety of CNC machining which can be used to replace almost any type of manual manufacturing process. Metal work, removal and fabrication are all now highly dependent on machines, with processes such as treading, grooving, turning and cutting all manufactured by the innovation technology.


Pros and cons

The CNC machining can be used to move the business to greater heights. Every invention has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages includes continuous use of these machines can run as long as the manufacturer wish them to run. The only time they need to shut them down is for maintenance. The machine will produce piece after piece of the same object without any flaws giving the consistency to produce quality items time after time. The use of CNC machining will allow the employ less skilled staff than that of manually operated equipments. The software is one of the main components of the machine. It can be updated to improve the equipments. Training of the programming is available in virtual hands. Some of the efficient software will even allow the designer to simulate the manufacturing process, eliminating the need for prototypes which saves both money and time. Some of the disadvantages are cost, skill loss. The cost of the CNC manufacturing is more costly than manual operated machines, but a reduction in these costs are starting to show as the demand from them increases. While considering the pros and cons of these automated machines the manufacturer will find that the pros far outweigh the cons. Even though the initial cost might be high the amount to save skilled staff and reject parts will soon turn into profit.