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Optimizing Mobile Recruitment in HR Department

Nowadays, nearly 70 percent of the young people are using advanced smartphones and tabs. Taking advantage of the mobile technology, mobile recruitment is on the rise. Like general recruiting software, mobile recruiting apps perform the essentials when it comes to the hiring process. Many companies are involved in using their smartphones to do the hiring tasks.


The mobile recruiting conference is going in a random fashion where people can interact with the employers through their mobile devices. They can access the employer’s website and seek the necessary job openings which are suitable for them and post their resumes immediately. They can interact with the HR team and fix an appointment for an interview schedule.

Utilizing mobile technology

The latest business era demands in using the mobile recruitment as the new approach in their growing business. Nowadays, employees are often seeking job changes and they prefer to move from one organization to another. They do not expect to spend their lives with a single organization. People are accustomed to interact in a technologically enhanced way and they prefer to utilize the available technological resources to the maximum extent.

At this point, mobile phone and tab which are present in their hands help them to serve the purpose in a reliable manner. In the employer’s part, the process of streamlining becomes very easier which is a smart approach that saves a lot of resource to the organization.

Mobile interviewing process

A greater advantage of using the mobile recruitment is the availability of extra tools that helps in the hiring process. There are certain apps, which allow the recruiter to design specific interview questions and send them to the candidates over the smart phones or tabs. On receiving the questions, a candidate can video their answers and send them back to their employers. This method eases the interview process for both the parties. Both interviewer and interviewee are immediately benefited with the mobile interviewing method.

Important things to do

In terms of technology, limited screen resolution restricts the users to have a speedy access of information. Unlike a desktop or laptop system, a mobile device possesses a limited screen so the users can access the information in a slow manner. So a responsive screen designing is important which should be simple and clutter free for easy access via smartphones. Lengthy and text questions cannot be viewed and answered quickly.

It takes more time for the users to go through the contents and answer the relevant questions. So while designing questionnaires, questions with multiple transition screens should be avoided for mobile convenience. The IT department should take care in optimizing the career site for mobile usage. It is advisable to hire a mobile expert in the mobile recruitment team, so new changes happening in the mobile market can be easily obtained.

Only some companies are interested in the mobile recruitment process. Not all job seekers are using advanced smartphones to access the employment details which are hosted by the employers. Allowing candidates to apply and post their resumes with their phones would be a better way to optimize the mobile recruiting process. For further assistance please visit the website mobile recruitment.