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Some Insider Tips To Find The Best Car Insurance Policy in India

Finding the best car insurance plan in India entails consideration of a lot of factors. With each passing year, new insurers are making their appearances with their own set of car insurance plans. In order to stay alive in the severe competition many car insurance companies in India have come up with lucrative deals to retain existing policyholders and also to attract new car-owners. This has made car-owners spoilt for choices and they have to weigh many aspects while selecting the best cover for their vehicles. In case you are on the lookout for a quality car insurance policy, here are some of the major factors that you have to take into account.


Track Record Of The Car Insurance Companies

The purpose of availing a comprehensive car insurance plan in India is to get financial protection at the time of a mishap. Since your claim needs to be settled to get the required coverage you have to assess the claim settlement record of various car insurance companies and select the  provider that settles highest number of claims every year.

Network Of Cashless Garage

This is the most crucial aspect next to claim settlement record. In case your car breaks down in the middle of a highway with no workshop or mechanics in the vicinity, only your car insurance policy can come to your rescue. Therefore, your chosen car cover should facilitate you with access to a wide network of garages across India. So, you have to shortlist those insurers that have massive panel of garages all over India. You never know where your vehicle might get stranded so its better to be prepared beforehand.

Coverage Of The Car Insurance Policy

If you decide to go for a comprehensive plan you need to compare car insurance plans in terms of the coverage on offer. Although, all comprehensive motor insurance covers offer similar coverage you have to compare car insurance plans on the basis of other important aspects such as availability of free pick-up car, towing reimbursement facility and the likes.

Compare Car Insurance Premiums Online

The premium for your car insurance policy will vary from one insurer to another. You can resort to online insurance comparison portals and divulge your car details such as make and model, cubic capacity, registration date and city to compare car insurance online. The facility to compare all available motor insurance covers in terms of premium from a single platform is the bliss of technological advancement and you should make the most of it. While comparing premium you should also take features on offer into consideration. Because, if you settle with a relatively less expensive cover you may miss out on some vital features that you might need.

Customer Service

You need to check how efficient is the insurer in terms of providing service when you require, especially at the time of a claim. You have to go through policies and compare them in terms of services on offer. Your chosen plan should offer facilities like 24X7 customer service through phone or chat and, surveyor for inspection in case of car damage due to accident and instant approval of minor claims.

Availability Of Add On Covers

Coverage of a comprehensive motor insurance cover can be extended through add on covers. These covers are crucial as they provide coverage to those parts that remain unprotected in the coverage provided by a regular policy. Hence, add on covers like zero depreciation cover, hydrostatic lock cover, engine protector cover, return to invoice cover and NCB protection covers are of utmost importance and you have to ensure that your can add these covers to your chosen motor insurance plan.

If you go by these tips you can find out the best car insurance plan online for your cherished vehicle at ease.