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How to Prevent Your College Roommate from Getting on Your Nerves

There’s nothing worse than having a roommate in college that you don’t get along with. Of course, if you are earning Villanova’s master of taxation online, you won’t have this problem, but most college students living in the dorms struggle with finding a way around it. Here is how to prevent your college roommate from getting on your nerves.

MakeSome Ground Rules Before Moving In

Living with another person in a small room is hard, no matter how similar you might be. That’s why you want to take the time to get to know your roommate a bit via email or social media before you even move in. You can get an idea of each other’s interests and how you like to spend your time, but it’s also really important that you discuss some ground rules. You will want to set boundaries ahead of time so that both parties know what to expect when they move in.

Find a Place Outside Your Room for Studying

If your roommate is getting on your nerves, then you should definitely try to limit the amount of time that you spend in your room together. It’s important that you have a space where you can go regularly to study, so that you feel like you have a bit of salvation from the potential drama within your dorm room. This might be at the library or at a cafe, but it’s probably best to find a place within the communal space in your dorm so that you don’t have to go too far if you start to get annoyed.

Invest in Noise Canceling Headphones

One of the best things for any college student is a pair of noise canceling headphones. If you are trying to get to sleep and your roommate is up talking to people or playing music, then you can put a pair of these headphones on and you won’t hear a thing. It’s really quite astounding how well they work. You will be surprised by how much peace they give you when you can really block out everything that your roommate is saying or playing.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

One of the worst things you can do if your roommate is getting on your nerves is to take an attitude with them. Sure it can be difficult to stay calm and reasonable when you are utterly annoyed and frustrated, but if you do then you will definitely solve the problem much faster. People often don’t remember what you’re saying so much as the way that you say it, so if your tone sounds like that of a person who is nice and calm, then it will be easier for your roommate to hear what you’re saying and try to accommodate. If you give them attitude all the time, then they will take joy in upsetting you.

Have a Heart to Heart

If you have been bickering with your roommate for a while and you don’t know how to prevent it from happening on a daily basis, then you should definitely arrange a time for the two of you to work it out. In the end, you will feel so much better if you can just clear the air.