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Announcement: Enjoyable things to do in Mecca during your Umrah

Umrah is the holy journey to the holy land of prophet Muhammad (PBUH), being Muslim everyone has an utmost desire to visit Mecca and Madinah in his/her life once. There are many things the pilgrims enjoy while staying in Mecca including religious activities.
Here are some things to do while you are in Mecca, which you would love and remember ever.
Riding the Camel at the place of Jabal Rahma.

Jabla Rahma is the holy site and a place where all pilgrims come together. It is the location where prophet Muhammad (PBUH) addressed farewell speech to the believers. People, at this place are encouraged to ride the camel with a complete revolution around the Hodaj. Lots of beautifully decorated camels welcome you at this place and it is very hard to refuse their invitation especially if you have children with you. They also provide snaps facility.
Umrah with kids and your family:

Many people have a desire to perform Umrah with their family and they take the separate cheap Hajj and Umrah packages including flights and hotels to fulfill their wish to visit the holy land with kids and wife. If you are willing to perform Umrah with family, you have to do some extra preparation. Make sure you have valid family documents with you. If you have infants, you must need to do much care while staying in Mecca and the entire journey. You will feel pleasure while staying in the holy land with your family and visit the sacred and historical sites. It will provide you a memorable trip along with religious activities you can visit many historical and sacred sites that will provide you an enjoyable trip with a family just like ordinary trips with family.
Walking between the Safa & Marwa Hills:

It is a mandatory act to complete your Umrah to walk between the Safa and Marwa hills. This action is called Sa’I. You need to complete 7 rounds between Safa and Marwa, walking one time Safa to Marwa is counted 1 round.  This is the beauty of Islam; every Muslim is coming together in this place and performs the memorable action of the wife of Abraham (A.S).
Visiting the Cave of Hira’, seclusion place of prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

The Hira’ Cave is the cave where the prophet of Muhammad hides and met the Jibril Angel (A.S). It is the place where the first verse of the Quran was revealed. It is located east of Makkah to the north at Al Nour Mountain near jabl Tasur, and one need 1 to 2 hours to climb there.

It was the favorite place of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to pray and worship of God before Allah made him the messenger. All pilgrims visit and enjoy this place during Hajj and Umrah. You would relish climbing over there with your company and friends. Talking with others, saying Allah-o-Akbar will give you more pleasure.

Visiting the Mecca Museum:

Another place that you would love to visit in Mecca is the Mecca Museum, where you can see a lot of Islamic things with great historic value. You will enjoy looking at the cultural and historical dimensions of the Mecca region. Mecca museum provides the detail of civilization and the history of Mecca.
Circumambulation around the Ka’bha (Tawaf):

Tawaf mean circumambulation around the house of Allah, it is the major act performed by the pilgrims whether they are performing Umrah or Hajj. Circumambulation around the Ka’bha seven times makes your hearts with more spiritual thoughts. There are many types of Tawaf like Tawaf-Al-Qudum, Tawaf Al-Ifada etc. which are performed on specific time.

There are many other enjoyable things to do during your Umrah in the holy land of Mecca which you would enjoy during your holy journey and make your journey more pleasure and memorable.