in Business Service - 20 Apr, 2016
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Crowdfund Social Helps Nonprofits Raise Money On Social Media

Crowdfund Social is one of the marketing agencies who helped launch one of the most creative social media campaigns of the 21st century – the Ice Bucket Challenge. Crowdfund Social helped raise over 11.4 million dollars in new donations in 2014 for the non-profit ALS Association. They used their social media marketing expertise combined with their knowledge of fundraising.


According to the CrowdfundSocial.com website, Crowdfund Social specializes in social media marketing for crowdfunding projects on platforms such as Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Generosity, and Rockethub. They use their experience in social media marketing to help raise funds for crowdfunding projects and also non-profits. Their ability to raise large sums of money through social media marketing strategies has earned them the highest satisfaction amongst crowdfunders.

Crowdfund Social has a creative team that has raised millions across crowdfunding projects. This same team was also behind the genius Ice Bucket Challenge social media marketing that raised over 11.4 million dollars for the non-profit during 2014. The Ice Bucket Challenge is known as one of the most creative and effective social media campaigns in history. It increased the exposure of the ALS non-profit from a few hundred thousand to over 50 million nation wide.

The social media marketing strategies used by Crowdfund Social to make the ALS campaign go viral include: getting over 15 million Likes, posts, or comments across Facebook, encouraging the posting of over 1.2 million organic videos, and gaining over 2.2 million mentions across Twitter. These numbers sound massive, but they are even more impressive if you consider that Americans actually suffering from the ALS disease are less than 30,000.

Before Crowdfund Social helped launch the Ice Bucket Challenge, the ALS non-profit struggled to get more exposure and support for their cause. ALS was not widely known or understood by the general public. Crowdfund Social helped engineer a social media campaign that was both cost effective and share worthy. Everyone wanted to join in and share the Ice Bucket Challenge on social media! Notable people such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and many famous actors joined in on the campaign later once it picked up more momentum. This produced long lasting results for the non-profit and helped them gain a record number of donations.

If you’re struggling to get your project or cause out there then you should follow the footsteps of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Team up with Crowdfund Social and find a way to make your project standout and go viral across social media. It doesn’t have to be as cold as the ice buckets either! Find something that fits your brand or product or cause and go with it. It can be tricky to get things moving on your own at first, but once you get the right help you can have results in no time!