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Cool First Date Ideas for the Best Result

There is so much said and written about how to enhance you first date experience. The impression you make, your looks, topics to discuss, places to visit – literally everything has already been discussed! However, during chatting with russian brides we found some interesting dating innovations. We started assembling this list just for fun but later on we understood some of the ideas will work perfectly for a first date. Hope you will find something interesting for yourself!

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1. Forget your phone. Yeah, you got it right. Just forget your phone if you are about to visit the first date with a gorgeous girl. For instance, you can just turn off the sound and put it deep inside your backpack. Modern dates often include an entire hour of gazing at your phone’s screen to avoid awkward silence. If you do not have a phone with you, you will have to talk and amuse your girl – no possible excuses! Moreover, she will be truly pleased if you pay her attention 100% of the time you spend together.
2. Get lost in streets. Women all over the world are very tired of visiting trivial first date locations like coffee shops, diners, parks, cinemas etc. However, we have something intriguing to offer. The scenario looks like this – you choose the spot where you meet, get something to drink and\or eat and just walk around without actually knowing where you are right now. In fact, you can meditate over some basic route but do not overdo it. This kind of date should include a pinch of intrigue.
3. Make up a video date. Modern technologies are capable of practically anything! We offer you to ask your potential girlfriend out on a video date. It is the best decision if you live in different cities or she does not have enough time to meet right now. Use Skype, Viber or FaceTime. These applications will perfectly work with mobile Internet connection. Call her and take her to a trip through your favorite places while telling her something interesting about yourself. In such way, you will also fight the awkwardness of your first live meeting.
4. Take her to an exotic cuisine restaurant. Nothing entertains better than learning something new. And what could be better than exploring new tastes and dishes? We are not talking about Japanese cuisine; it was new and exciting more than twenty years ago. Nowadays you cannot surprise girls with sushi and sashimi. Try something new. For example, you can choose Thai or Chinese cuisine. Indian cuisine also has much to offer. Just make sure your date does not have any particular antipathies – eastern cuisine can be quite spicy.
5. Explore roofs together. No, we are not offering to become roofers. You both are probably not ready for such escapades. Nevertheless, you can google some roofs in your city available for visiting. The higher the building, the more exciting the effect. Moreover, modern restaurants and cafés often choose roofs as a location. You can drink light rose wine and watch as the sun goes down. Such scenario can astonish even the most fastidious girl.