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Caterpillar Excavators for Every Job


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Caterpillar is one of the biggest manufacturers of construction equipment and plant around the globe. Over the last 90 years, the company has grown from a small family business into one of the largest producers of plant and construction machinery in the industry. The company currently has 120,000 employees, who work to deliver a range of quality products and services.

Cat Excavators

Cat excavators form a major part of construction equipment within the industry. Excavators are used extensively in a wide range of jobs such as construction of residential and commercial property, roads, and the mining and extraction of precious metals.

Weakening demand from the Chinese construction industry caused a recent slow down in the excavator market. However, industry experts anticipate strong and considerable growth over the next few years, driven by the fact that a large volume of existing plant will need to be replaced in order to meet international emissions regulations. This should drive demand for fuel-efficient excavators across the globe.

Cat 308E2 Excavator

While at first glance excavators might not seem to have changed in appearance much over the last century or so, modern excavators contain many innovations. The 308E2 excavator from Caterpillar is the first machine from its Mini Hydraulic range which meets both EU Stage IIIB, and US EPA Tier 4 Final emissions regulations, making it one of the greenest excavators on the market.

The 308E2 features a flow sharing and load sensing High Definition hydraulic system, which is coupled with ergonomic joysticks for vastly improved control. This system makes more efficient use of the excavator’s power during digging, and so delivers not only improved productivity but also increases fuel efficiency by 10%. The 308E2 has been a great success, with plant hire companies placing large orders.

COMPASS Control Panel

All the models in the E series from Caterpillar feature a digital control panel known as COMPASS (Complete Operation, Maintenance, Performance, and Security System.) The control panel makes it easy to operate multiple systems at the same time, and provides a comprehensive overview of the status of the machine and any maintenance which is required. The Cat 308E2 Excavator is compatible with a wide range of other Cat Work Tools such as compactors, buckets and hammers, giving it a great on site flexibility.

Security and Space

Using COMPASS it is possible to put the excavator into Economy mode, which can lower fuel usage by up to 20%. COMPASS also features an anti-theft device, meaning that the machine can only be started once the operator has entered a 5 digit password. The machine’s spacious interior, which gives ample room for ingress and egress, and its heated air suspension seat, provide operators with a great level of comfort.

The Cat 308E2 excavator delivers supreme performance, unparalleled versatility, and some of the best fuel efficiency standards in the industry. Add to this the ease of operation, improved reliability and productivity, safety features and ground breaking technology and you can see why the Cat 308E2 is proving so popular around the world.