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Buying Followers: The Secret to Successful Instagram Marketing


Internet marketers are always looking for trending ideas to survive in this highly competitive marketplace. The internet is a volatile business platform where only the innovative businesses survive. One of the trending marketing techniques today is of course Instagram for business.

If you are not making any effort to increase the number of followers on your Instagram account you are missing out on a golden opportunity to promote your brand.

Mouthwatering Marketing Statistics

To appreciate the reason Instagram is creating a buzz in the business world you just have to look at the numbers. Instagram now boasts over 500 million monthly active users (MAUs) and over 300 million active daily users (DAUs).

About 30% of all internet users have an Instagram account and the social media marketing witnessed a 16% monthly follower growth in 2016. These numbers prove Instagram is one marketing tool every internet marketer should be using.

How to Capitalize on Growing Instagram Users

Like any other marketing strategy you have to assess how Instagram fits into your business goals.  The photo and video sharing app helps you tell your story and share it with millions of people. Picture this; over 95 million photos and videos are shared daily on Instagram. If you make quality posts your brand can greatly benefit through enhanced visibility.

How does this work? It all starts with increasing the number of followers on your Instagram account. For a new brand getting a large following is not easy but you can now buy Instagram followers  from a credible Instagram solutions provider. This service instantly provides you with real and active followers and this leads to a cascading effect where more organic follows will come.

The larger the number of followers the more trust you will get from the online community. People are willing to check out your posts if they notice you have a large following.  The likes and follows on your account will keep growing thus boosting your brand.  These instant followers will also increase traffic to your website, boost conversion, help reach the target market and gain a competitive edge.

Why Buy Instagram Followers

Starting a social media campaign on Instagram requires a lot of time. Hiring an in-house team for this is costly and time consuming.  Buying Instagram followers is faster and you will get instant results. What’s more you can buy a tailor-made package that is specifically suited for your business needs.  The process is easy, convenient and affordable. This is the ultimate secret to social media marketing success for your brand.