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Buying Expired Domains: The Actionable Guide

Getting an expired domain is way different than registering a spanking new one. But it is worth it. For one, all the cool domain names have already been used up, so coming good luck coming up with one. Two, buying expired domains is the secret source for modern SEO.

Getting back on track, there are a few things you need to know about buying these old domains. There’s a whole new process for capturing an expired domain, covered in detail here. So, grab a cup of coffee and read on.

However, before going on, make are aware of the concept behind domain name expiration process, as well as the different categories of expired domains. That stuff alone can fill several books, so spend some time on it. It will be well worth it.







The Different Kinds of Expired Domain You Are Looking At Before buying expired domains, determine which category it falls under. It can be:

  1. A pre-release domain
  2. Closeout
  3. On hold
  4. Domain in the redemption period
  5. Dropping category
  6. Deleted domain

To find out the type it falls under, head over to WHOIS. If the expiration dates back to the last 30 days, contact the owner of the domain and work out how you can get it. If you are having trouble finding who the registrar is, look under the WHOIS results marked “Sponsoring Registrar” or “ICANN Registrar”.

However, if WHOIS tells you that the registrar is pending deletion, that’s a dropping domain. Don’t bother contacting the registrar then. Skip to the next section on obtaining expired domains of this kind.

Pre-Release Domains

A domain name marked pre-release is a domain name whose registrar is yet to renew it, but it’s yet to get to its expiry date. The registrar has however placed the domain name on sale to the highest bidder. You can only buy a pre-release domain name from its auction source.

Closeout Domain Names

Also known as a firesale domains, these particular kinds of expired domains have not been renewed, their owners have not listed them in an auction, and are offering them at a BIN price (Buy It Now tag). The term closeout is used to indicate that this is the last chance to get the domain from the registrar before it is released to the registry. Once it gets to the registry, it becomes available to everyone through a backorder.

Buy these domain names from their BIN sources.

On Hold Domains

These domain names have not been renewed and are placed on hold by the registrar or the registry. You have to be careful with these domains because there may be some legal issues connected to them.

To buy the domain, contact the owner and have them renew the domain. Then buy it directly from the registrar.

Redemption Period Domains

These are expired domain names placed in the Redemption Grace Period by the registry. To buy such expired domain names contact the owner, have them renew the domain and buy directly from the registrar.

Dropping Domain Names

These are expired domain names scheduled for deletion from the registry.

You can acquire a dropping domain name at any time once it is deleted from the registry. However, to make sure no one beats you to the domain name, place a backorder.

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