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A Sense Of Style

The bedroom of a teen girl is often filled with decorations on the wall, bright colors and pictures of friends and favorite things that she enjoys. A fun cottage style bedroom is ideal for the teen who enjoys simplicity and pastel colors. Walls are painted in pastel green or yellow with accents in the room of flowers or plaid. Gingham fabrics are ideal to use in this room as they give a natural look. A desk can double as a vanity with a fun chair covered in silk.

Sometimes, the bedroom might not seem large enough to hold all of the teen’s clothing and other items that she wants to keep. Consider using an extra closet in the room as a study space by moving the desk into the closet. This will keep the desk from being in the middle of the floor, giving room for other items that she enjoys. A fun idea for storing books is to turn a ladder into a bookshelf. Make sure that there is something behind the ladder so that the books don’t fall.

Find contractors today who can add a vibrant look to the room by painting the bed posts or the headboard and foot board of the bed a vibrant color, such as hot pink or orange. Decorations, such as wall art and a rug, can also be bright colors or bold patterns, creating a statement in the room that is modern and stylish. Girls who enjoy a softer look in the room can have gray or white walls along with plush blankets and rugs. A chandelier light fixture adds just a touch of elegance while keeping the room cozy.

For the girl who likes art consider walls that are a dark color, such as navy blue, with pictures of various artworks around the room. To avoid looking monotone, consider frames that are different sizes and shapes so that there is a bit of a variety. A fun bedding set that matches some of the bright colors in the pictures can make the room appear larger and more on the stylish end of decorating instead of keeping plain blankets and pillows.