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5 Reasons to Consider Attending College in Canada

You may not realize it, but there are actually a lot of great colleges in Canada. If you are browsing around the United States looking for colleges and you really aren’t coming upon a good fit, you may want to head north. The beautiful thing about Canada – besides its intrinsic untouched beauty – is that you have a number of amazing social benefits that aren’t afforded to you in the States.

Moreover, Canada has less people, so you won’t need to deal with the crowd. There are about as many people in the entire country of Canada as there are in only a few States in America. Plus, Canada is close to home, so you won’t really feel like you are traveling abroad – even though you sort of are. Indeed, you can get UC’s masters in health administration, but what if you want a change of pace and want to get a political science degree at the University of Alberta or University of Manitoba? Here are five reasons to consider attending college in Canada.

  1. Free Health Care

One of the biggest reasons why you should consider attending college in Canada is because of free healthcare. Indeed, you don’t have to pay for hospital visits and you don’t have to worry about going broke if you do have a medical emergency.

  1. The Quality of Life is Better

Canada has better air quality than most American states. Not only that, but there are more municipal systems, the streets are cleaner and there is far less crime. If you are looking for a clean environment and living a clean life, Canada is the place to be. Plus, the food is better and made with less chemicals. A lot of the meats and poultry that are distributed in Canada is organic and free-range.

  1. It’s Beautiful

Of course, Canada is incredibly beautiful. Sure, the more north or east you go, the colder it gets, but with enough layers, you will be living in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. If you do go North, you will have thick snow layers for much of the year and there will be minimal light in the winter, so if you have SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, you may want to bring with you your UV light therapy lamp.

  1. Learn a New Language

Many people think that Canada is an all-English speaking country. However, this just isn’t true. Canada is actually a bi-lingual country. If you visit Quebec, which covers a wide swath of Canada’s Eastern board, you will run into more people speaking French. Even the street signs, restaurants menus and other information is all in French.

  1. More Affordable

On top of everything, going to school in Canada is more affordable than going to a school in the States. Not only is tuition cheaper – it is also easier to acquire government aid. Not only that, but your living costs will also be less pricy. In the end, it is always smart to find ways to save on college.